Superintendent's Weekly Update---October 23, 2020

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I hope everyone had a good week. It was great to re-welcome back everyone at the Elementary School this week. It was good to see life back in the school after being away for two weeks. Thank you to everyone for your patience with this. A portion of our PD day today was dedicated to finding solutions to some of the known issues with the hybrid model. Last week we heard from many families, this week we will spend time with teachers and get their feedback. As I stated next week, we are well aware of the issues and will shortly share out some solutions. 
Calendar Change:At the School Committee meeting this week, parent teacher conferences were moved from November 19 and 20 to November 16 and 17. This was done to create a better balance between the amount of time Cohort A and Cohort B students are in school. P…
Newsletter Highlights Include:Open HousesAthletic User FeesPreSchool TuitionZoom InformationCOVID Travel OrderPhases of learningDPS Weekly COVID DashboardSubstitute teachersImportant Documents
Thank you to all the families that responded to our survey on the hybrid model and those families that attended the zoom sessions this week. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and important. Principals have access to your concerns and will be responding appropriately to them over the next week. Some things we can easily fix and others will take more time. I am also aware of the challenges posed to families, students, and teachers as a result of being in a hybrid model. Over the next two weeks, I will be working with teachers to listen to their feedback on the model now that we have spent three full weeks in it. As I said over the summer, if we need to pivot, adapt, and adjust we will do it. Once I get more information and examine it I will share it out. We want this to be right for everyone.  

Superintendent's Weekly Newsletter---October 9, 2020

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I want to provide everyone with a brief update on the COVID situation at the DES. As you know we had one staff member test positive on Monday. We did our contact tracing for that staff member and we were able to identify 8 close contacts. To date we have received confirmation of 4 negative tests and as more test results come back I will share them with you. To be clear people are not required to be tested, but everyone will have to quarantine for 14 days. 
I also wanted to extend my continued thanks and appreciation to you for your continued support of the schools but more importantly our teachers. Like all of us in this pandemic, we have had to deal with challenges and curveballs. A first year teacher, before they teach their first lesson, has 12 …